Being a Nurse/Nursing Student.

So I figured my first post should be about how it is to actually be a nurse (and in my current status, a nursing student).

Although I have yet to get the full responsibilities of being a nurse, being a student nurse can be just as important.

The patients that I help everyday count on me, as if I am their actual nurse.

Now, since I am a male, it does come to much of a surprise to some people when I come in the room and introduce myself.

Although this is slowly changing due to the surge of men/women bursting out of “traditional” occupations.

The one thing that I have noticed with nursing so far; is that there are a lot of nurses who just seem tired out and rude, all the time. Now, this is a caring profession, not one where you can act the way you’d like. Your patients already have enough going on, and do not need someone rude to be taking care of them. Now, for those nurses who think its appropriate to treat your patients in a negative manner (even if it is just complaining in front of them), either change your attitude; or change your profession. Maybe, you should go back and read some uplifting stories of how nurses have helped people, and remember why you got into this profession in the first place.

Besides this, nursing so far (and will continue to be) a rewarding experience. I am always excited to go to work (as a Nurses Assistant) and always excited to go to clinical rotations. This is why I got into the profession to start; the want/satisfaction of being able to help someone in their times of  need.

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